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OMake is a build system designed for scalability and portability. It uses a syntax similar to make utilities you may have used, but it features many additional enhancements, including the following.

OMake preserves the style of syntax and rule definitions used in Makefiles, making it easy to port your project to OMake. There is no need to code in Perl (cons), or Python (scons). However, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Indentation is significant, but tabs are not required.
  2. The OMake language is functional: functions are first-class and there are no side-effects apart from I/O.
  3. Scoping is dynamic.

OMake is licensed under a mixture of the GNU GPL license (OMake engine itself) and the MIT-like license (default configuration files).

OMake is part of the Mojave and MetaPRL projects.